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Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities has proudly provided electricity to the residents of Rock Rapids since 1896. We celebrated our 125th anniversary in October 2021.

Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities receives its electric supply from two sources: Western Area Power Agency and Missouri River Energy Serrvices.  We are pleased to offer our customers a diverse mix of renewable and fossil fuel power supply resources to provide reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly electric service. Click on the chart for a printable version of the Power Supply Mix.

Click on the generator photo at the bottom for an explanation of how the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation helped provide funding for this generator.
Electric Rates
Residential Rates

Monthly Service Charge$12.00
Plus Energy Charge:

         September - May$0.072 per kWh
         June - August
$0.089 per kWh

Minimum Monthly Bill$12.00

Commercial Rates

Single Phase

Monthly Service Charge$16.00
Plus Energy Charge:

         September - May$0.077 per kWh
         June - August$0.094 per kWh
Minimum Monthly Bill$16.00

Three Phase

Monthly Service Charge$42.00
Plus Energy Charge$0.029 per kWh
Plus Demand Charge:

         September - May$10.90 per kW
         June - August$14.70 per kW
Minimum Monthly Bill$42.00 plus Minimum Demand Charge
Office Hours: 8:00 - 4:30 Monday-Friday
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
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Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities
310 S Third Ave
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
phone: (712) 472-2511
fax: (712) 472-2512
Your locally owned utility
provider of natural gas,
electricity, water & sewer
in Rock Rapids, Iowa
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