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Natural Gas
Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities has been providing natural gas service since 1987.

Natural gas is naturally clear and odorless. We add an odorant to the natural gas before it flows to your house. The odorant adds a rotten egg smell to the gas, so any leaks are easily detected inside a building. If you ever smell gas, call our office at (712) 472-2513 24 hours a day and we will have send someone promptly to check it out.

Natural Gas Rates

Monthly Service Charge$12.00
    Plus:$0.62 per ccf
Minimum Monthly Charge$12.00

Commercial & Industrial
Monthly Service Charge$20.00
    Plus:$0.62 per ccf
Minimum Monthly Charge$20.00

Monthly Service Charge$20.00
    Plus:$0.60 per ccf
Minimum Monthly Charge$20.00
Gas Regulator
Purchased Gas Adjustment
The Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) is an additional monthly charge for all classes of natural gas service, which reflects the fluctuating cost of the wholesale gas purchased by the Utilities.

The PGA is shown on the bill in a separate line as "Fuel Adjustment @ $  ". The PGA is then multiplied by the number of ccf of gas you used during the month.
Office Hours: 8:00 - 4:30 Monday-Friday
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
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Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities
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phone: (712) 472-2511
fax: (712) 472-2512
Your locally owned utility
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