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Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities

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The Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities includes the charge for garbage and recycling collection on the monthly billing. The City of Rock Rapids oversees this service and sets billing policies. If you have questions regarding garbage or recycling collection, please call 472-2553 or contact them by e-mail.

Garbage is picked up every Monday morning beginning at 4:00 A.M. Each household will be provided a 65-gallon garbage cart by their garbage hauler. The carts are owned by Denny’s Sanitation and Town & Country. The numbered carts are assigned to a specific residence and must remain at that residence.

The guidelines for using the carts are:
· Set your cart curbside, in the same location each week, with the wheels and
     handle toward your house.
· The carts need to be 5 feet from any other obstacle (trees, cars, poles, etc.)
· All garbage must be inside the cart, with the lid closed.

Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, brush, or garden trash) is not to be mixed with garbage. This waste should be taken to the tree dump, east of the fairgrounds.

Rock Rapids has a mandatory recycling program. The City of Rock Rapids provides a large, specially marked yellow or green garbage can to be used when placing recyclables out for collection. Recycling is unlimited - feel free to recycle as much as possible every time!

Recycled items are picked up on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Please make sure your recyclables are clean and dry. Place your container out for collection by 6:00 A.M. Refer to the
calendar for the exact dates of recycling collection.

Items that can be recycled are:
· Corrugated cardboard
· Pizza boxes 
· Newspapers, including all inserts
· Catalogs, Magazines & Phone Books
· Hardcover & Paperback books, with covers removed
· Office & School paper
· Colored paper
· Shiny paper 
· Junk mail
· Envelopes
· Shredded paper, bagged separately
· Brown paper bags
· Cereal, shoe, pop, kleenix (etc.) boxes (fiber board)
· Paper egg cartons
· Paper cups 
· Aluminum foil & pans
· Aluminum & Tin cans
· Empty Aerosol spray cans
· All plastic containers with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 on the bottom
· Milk & juice jugs 
· Pop & Beer cans
· Pop & Water bottles
· Lotion bottles
· Dish & liquid soap bottles
· Bleach & detergent containers
· Ice cream tubs & yogurt cups
· Cooking oil containers
· Household cleaning containers
· Plastic cups 
· Plastic bags & plastic food wrap (bagged in plastic bags)

Please do not include the following in your recycling:
· No Glass!
· No CFL & fluorescent light bulbs!
· No Batteries & cell phones!
· Frozen food & juice boxes
· Dirty paper plates, cups & napkins
· Paper towels
· Facial & toilet tissues
· Wax paper
· Styrofoam & packing peanuts
· Plastic utensils & plates
· Disposable baby & adult diapers
· Garden hose
· Landscape plastic & tile material 
· PVC pipes
· Medical supplies & sharps 
· CDs & DVDs
· Dinnerware & glassware or ceramic material
· Clothing
· Shoes
· Pillows & blankets 
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